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The capital city of Esidern, Zedanni also holds the island's only library. Zedanni is a small city compared to the metropoli of neighboring island of Aeterna, and its governors have made especial effort to preserve the beauty of the city. As such, Zedanni is often advertised to tourists as being in harmony in nature, a verdant and safe community where people of all walks of life can live in peace.


Sanctuary of Artemis

A large Sanctuary built around the nearby lake and surrounding forest. It provides a home to many animals, particularly those in danger of extinction. The Sanctuary does not function like a zoo or tourist trap, as only those who are given special permission are allowed inside. Visitors may be animal husbandry professionals or students in a related apprenticeship or internship, as well as elites within the political or commercial spheres.

Lunar Clock Tower

A massive clock located in the center of Zedanni, the main attraction during Lunar festival.