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Theater Verthandi, where Troupe Adelaide performs.

Troupe Adelaide is a dance troupe based at Theatre Verthandi in Waxtide, on Aeterna. It is led by Grecko Adelaide (or "Miss Adelaide"), the Troupe's namesake.


Troupe Adelaide consists of roughly one hundred fifty actors, dancers, performers, songwriters, stage crewmen, mages, engineers, and interns in total. The troupe performs a variety of different shows, its most common and popular being folk tale adaptations, morality plays, and non-lyrical dance performances. Shows usually occur two to three times per month, and last one to two hours each, with the exception of the annual Festival of Verthandi - a day in which the actors, singers, and musicians take to the streets, performing in open all day and culminating in a showing of The Death of Lysitheathe Troupe's most popular performance, complete with magecrafted pyrotechnics and rainbows over the entire ampitheater.


Recruitment is most common at the ages of 14 through 16, when Miss Adelaide herself travels to the major primary schools around Granea in order to scout out new talent. She only accepts one to two new students a year, if any. All students of the Troupe spend their first year training under Miss Adelaide herself, after which they get assigned to senior members of other roles to learn their respective duties and ultimately intern under, assist, or replace them. A select number of individuals continue training with Miss Adelaide after their first year - these usually end up becoming lead singers or performers.


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