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Granea is a collection of island states that have fallen under an alliance for a republic. Ten years of struggle saw the success of a united government after all opposition for the individual autonomy were finally quelled. Now the islands of Granea prosper in trade, naval prowess and a powerful network of information trade.

The pride of Granea is its Libraries of Granea. The islands have long valued study and history. The books of Granea have exceptional longevity and are cared for by every governance in its thousand-year history. Through the Ex Libris system, anyone with a Libris license can check out any materials within their authority to view from any location. This peace would carry on for merely half a decade.

Recently, a group of outlaw extremists have taken to finding and burning books. Two of the Ex Libris libraries have been bypassed. Though most of the tomes were salvaged and every book and scroll was proofed against flames, a few books would always go missing. No citizen knows quite what books they are but the government is barely restraining its concern and keeping the country calm.

However, destroying the libraries is the last thing the outlaws want. To protect the world they live in and to prevent the prophesized calamity, Lucifer's Librarians, a secret faction of book mages, seek out a legendary grimoire to seal it before it awakens. That tome, the book that contains all the chaos of the world, is called Pandemonium's Egg. If opened carelessly, chaos swallows the world. It's a book that rewrites the past and the future, a book that remembers everything that has ever happened and holds blank pages to record whatever can happen. A book that knows all.

Whether it is simply to find the Librarians for revenge or to offer assistance, whether it is to find the egg and seal it or use it for oneself, whether it is simply being there, a certain unlikely group becomes caught up in the tide.

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