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Sands as White as Snow is a lyrical remix of re:Plus' "A Fall and Rebirth."

Click to listen, but you have been warned that this is crudely made.

There's also the a capella version that sounds clearer.


Tread on the road of wind.
Never look down on the footprints of your sins.
Your breath tells us where you've been.

You spoke of sand as white as snow
traced by straits of sea,
rippling where the summer wind blows
Rain as bright as dawn,
golden like the words
your melodies have drawn.

Recall the sky that day when we
sat there back to back,
too afraid of you and me.
But you did not refuse my hand
stained with tearless hate.
I could not understand.

Tread on the road of wind -- Don't you dare turn your head back
Fighting the tracks of sin -- leave the past inside the past.
Buried in the deep -- your breath of life
the heart that beats at last.

Follow the path of wind -- There's no need for tears here
A new story will begin -- Be reborn anew
As long as you're by my side -- Stay with me

I saw your hair as white as snow,
memories of the sea,
gentle like the summer wind blows.

Your eyes as bright as dawn,
golden like the words
written in a song.

Recall the sky that cried in vain,
weeping from its pain,
the words you spoke then kept me alive.
Chasing raindrops just to drink,
teetering on the brink, there's
No meaning to that life.