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Character Name should be bold in this section. Talk briefly about your character's background in this section. One to three paragraphs is recommended.


Age -

-' -" | - cm

Weight - lbs | - kg
Eyes -
Hair -


Defense High/Medium/Low
Strength High/Medium/Low
Accuracy High/Medium/Low
Agility High/Medium/Low
Speed High/Medium/Low

Describe your character's appearance, including main gear, in one to two paragraphs here. Do not describe your character's weapon.


Occupation/Field of Study

A brief synopsis of your character's performance in this field (optional).

  • Item
  • Item
  • Item --- feel free to add more. (Be reasonable about the amount, please).

Daily Life

  • Life Skills are used in daily interactions, chores, and social negotiations.
  • Life Skill
  • Life Skill --- feel free to add more here as well. These are only some notable life skills. Your character may have more that can be unlisted.

Physical Combat

  • Combat Skills should be listed as categories, not as individual attacks or techniques within a larger art. This will help reduce clutter.
  • Combat Skill
  • Combat Skill --- again, feel free to add more, but please be reasonable. If you are a student, you won't have an immense series of combat techniques at your disposal.


  • Scribe - Of the three categories in Magecraft, if you are emphasized as a book mage, you should have talent in all three. Otherwise, you should only have minor to medium talent in no more than two. This is as it seems to other characters. If you are disguising your skills, you may change it later after approval of character and plot.
  • Translator -
  • Reader -


  • Miscellaneous Skill
  • Miscellaneous Skill --- Feel free to list more.


You may place your character history here. Please remember: Quality > Quantity. Please write wisely and considerately. After this section, you may add any additional information, such as gear and ability details, in whatever format you desire before the Related Links section.

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