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Skuld - Cantabile

Skuld got to the IC OOC first where she decides it would be a great place to have afternoon tea. She sets down her things and brews the tea, waiting for her friends. Little did the poison-resistant Skuld know that she had mixed up a vial of orange blossom essence with a vial of harpoontail venom glands. The tea does not taste any differently to her after a long day of getting herself hopelessly lost.

Numbskuld has leveled up her stats: Derp +1.
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Rivera - Meno Mosso
Rivera rolls around and falls asleep. Again.
Eldren - Andante

Eldren stumbles in, collapsing on the nearest bed. Looking thoroughly spent, he mutters under his breath:

"...practiced...too much... legs...hurt...arms...hurt...feet...hurt...face...hurts...spleen...hurts...soul...hurts..."

A light snore interjects his rambling train of thought.
Rivera icon.png
Rivera - Meno Mosso

Rivera eventually rolls on top of Eldren and clings to one of his legs momentarily before putting her teeth around his hamstring, muttering something about corn on the cob.

Warning: Do not accidentally sleep next to Rivera.
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